VIDEO: Kanitra wants answers to Trenton’s skyrocketing spending

VIDEO: Kanitra wants answers to Trenton’s skyrocketing spending

TRENTON, N.J. – Assemblyman Paul Kanitra wants to know how the hell it happened.

How does a state budget explode nearly 60% in five short years, from $34.6 billion in 2018 to $54.3 billion today? That’s the question Kanitra poses in his inaugural video, released by the Assembly Republican Office Tuesday, that kicks off his series “How Can Trenton Waste Your Money This Month?”

“After just a few weeks in Trenton, I’m astonished at how bad Trenton’s spending problem really is,” Kanitra (R-Ocean) said.

He felt the sting as a taxpayer. He experienced the challenges as a Shore town mayor. Now he has seen Trenton math up close. With Gov. Phil Murphy’s budget address only a week away, the freshman legislator is confident New Jersey residents can expect more out-of-control spending.

Even as New Jersey families struggle paycheck to paycheck, Trenton takes through overt and stealth taxation as it legislates more problems into existence. The people suffer, and the vicious cycle of record-high inflation, unfunded mandates and overregulation continues.

“Governor Murphy said if taxes are your issue, New Jersey’s not for you,” Kanitra said. “My videos will enrage the public to say ‘Governor Murphy and Democrats’ spending is not for New Jersey.’”

Kanitra is planning a monthly series, ‘How Can Trenton Waste Your Money This Month’ in advance of what is expected to be yet another record spending budget in July.