Taxpayers deserve better than bloated, backroom state budget, say Eulner and Piperno

Taxpayers deserve better than bloated, backroom state budget, say Eulner and Piperno

Kim Eulner

TRENTON, N.J. – Despite Republican efforts to provide long-lasting and immediate tax relief, Democrats passed a record-high budget full of short-term gimmicks and backroom deals, say Assemblywomen Kim Eulner and Marilyn Piperno.

“Like anyone that has followed New Jersey’s budget hearings this year, we have found ourselves frustrated by the lack of transparency and appalled at efforts to shield its contents from our constituents and the public,” Eulner (R-Monmouth) said. “We are continuously concerned about the increasing cost of living throughout our district and the state and this budget just makes New Jersey less affordable.”

The Monmouth County lawmakers objected to the $50.6 billion FY23 state budget, which increased spending 46% in just five years since Gov. Phil Murphy took office and 9% year-over-year. Their permanent tax relief proposals and push for more funding for schools were summarily rejected by Democrats.

Marilyn Piperno

“Democrats’ plan to fight inflation included an insufficient 10-day sales tax holiday for school supplies and a rebate of some of your tax money next year. Gimmicks like these are nothing more than progressive talking points in the name of political theater,” Piperno (R-Monmouth) said. “We presented opportunities to provide real long-term tax relief and advocated for millions more in funding for our District 11 schools and childcare, but all our requests were ignored.”

Assembly Republicans proposed lowering property taxes by stopping the state from stealing municipal revenue – known as energy tax receipts – and fully funding schools, including returning aid that has been cut.

The budget includes a property tax rebate program called ANCHOR that will send out checks in May 2023, and a child tax credit that won’t help families until 2024 – although Murphy and Legislative leaders have vowed to clarify that in law so taxpayers get the credit for 2022. The budget also spends over $250 million more than revenue despite unprecedented tax receipts and the possibility of recession in the fiscal year.

“Democrats took billions of taxpayer dollars and plan to return just a sliver of it in time for next year’s elections. The people of New Jersey are being bribed with their own money. They deserve meaningful tax relief,” Eulner and Piperno said. “The Democrats’ bloated budget drafted behind closed doors fails the people of New Jersey.”