Resolution demanding Hamas surrender introduced in NJ Assembly

Resolution demanding Hamas surrender introduced in NJ Assembly

Assemblywoman Beth Sawyer

TRENTON, N.J. – In contrast to the progressives calling on Israel to commit to a permanent ceasefire in the Middle East, Assemblywoman Beth Sawyer introduces a resolution demanding Hamas to surrender to stop civilian bloodshed in Gaza.

“Hamas terrorists must be held accountable for their actions that are responsible for the bloodshed in Gaza. There would be no war if Hamas put down their weapons,” Sawyer (R-Gloucester) said. “My term as a New Jersey assemblywoman is expiring, but my legislative history will reflect the people I am proud to support and represent.”

The resolution (AR204) demanding that Hamas surrender is the second measure Sawyer sponsors concerning the Israel-Hamas war. It states Hamas has usurped resources meant to aid the people of Gaza, and used hospitals, schools and residential areas to conduct terrorist activities that resulted in civilian casualties. Gazan civilians are needlessly suffering the consequences of the actions of Hamas.

“There is a right side of history in this war and that is against the terrorists who are committed to destroying Israel and the Jewish people. They have no regard for the sanctity of human life and intentionally hide behind innocent civilians to carry out their atrocious mission. They are using women and children as pawns in an attempt to incite antisemitism and outrage against Israel,” Sawyer said.

Sawyer introduced the measure in the final days of the 220th legislative session on Jan. 2.

“I leave the legislature knowing it is clear where I stand and I hope I inspire my colleagues to join me in calling on Hamas to surrender,” Sawyer said.