North Jersey lawmakers propose funding to address Peckman River flooding

North Jersey lawmakers propose funding to address Peckman River flooding

Assemblyman Christopher DePhillips

TRENTON, N.J. – Sen. Kristin Corrado, and Assemblymen Christopher DePhillips and Al Barlas introduced legislation Tuesday to fund projects that will prevent future devastating floods along the Peckman River.

“Our job as legislators is to ensure our communities have the resources necessary and are as prepared as possible for the impending Peckman River flooding issues we see all too often. This bill would not only protect our residents from the devastating flood damage but also give them the peace of mind they deserve every time it rains,” Corrado (R-Passaic) said.

The measure appropriates $500,000 to fund a Peckman River Dredging and Restoration Project that will support efforts in Cedar Grove, Little Falls, Verona and Woodland Park. The Commissioner of Environmental Protection would establish an application process to determine the amount of funding provided to each municipality for the purposes of cleaning, dredging or restoring the river. 

Assemblyman Al Barlas

“Community members don’t wonder if another storm will cause significant flooding issues they wonder when. Persistent flooding along the Peckman River has created long-term financial struggles for our residents and municipalities. Millions of dollars’ worth of damage can occur in a matter of minutes. They deserve a solution now that will protect them into the future,” DePhillips (R-Bergen) said.

The Peckman River, a tributary of the Passaic River, starts in West Orange and flows through the townships of Verona, Cedar Grove and Little Falls until it meets the Passaic in Woodland Park.

“The Peckman River cuts through residential areas and when it floods it destroys homes, businesses and property, and has even claimed lives. That is why we are pushing for state aid to provide towns with funding to prevent future disasters. Our communities shouldn’t have to live in fear every time it rains,” Barlas (R-Essex) said.

The lawmakers also sponsor a measure (S2897/A3928) that funds dredging and restoration of the Passaic River.