NJ lawmaker releases shocking illegal immigration video and report

NJ lawmaker releases shocking illegal immigration video and report

TRENTON, N.J. –  Following his research trip to the U.S.-Mexico border, Assemblyman Paul Kanitra released a new video and report today detailing the size, scope and cost of New Jersey’s illegal immigration crisis.

“During my border trip, judges, border patrol agents and Texas state troopers unequivocally stated that our actions here in New Jersey are incentivizing and encouraging people worldwide to break our laws and access the taxpayer-funded benefits we’re providing,” Kanitra (R-Ocean) said.

The comprehensive report reveals a staggering number of illegal immigrants reside in New Jersey. Nearly 1 in 10 residents entered the country illegally and receives roughly $8,000 a year in various taxpayer-funded benefits including housing, medical care, education and legal services.

In the video, Lt. Chris Olivarez, of the Texas Department of Public Safety, says to the assemblyman, “When you incentivize illegal immigration, that’s not going to solve the problem, that’s only going to attract more people to come.”

According to Kanitra, only 7% of migrants are requesting refugee status or seeking asylum.



Jon Anfinsen, of the National Border Control Council, says the Obama administration in 2012 weakened asylum requirements for those crossing international borders illegally, which changed how they were processed in the country.

The issue hit home for Kanitra during his return flight from San Antonio to Newark where he witnessed nearly a third of the passengers wearing government processing wristbands and holding paperwork. Instead of getting on a bus to New York City upon landing he says, cars with New Jersey plates picked them up.

“Our legal residents are spending $15 million annually so illegal immigrants can fight our laws and keep themselves from being deported. In what bizarro world does this even make sense?” he asked.

Kanitra’s report concludes with several policy recommendations including the Uniting Families and Bringing them Home Act that redirects some of the state’s migrant benefit funds to pay for repatriation flights for anyone here illegally who wants to return home. He also wants to stop funding legal costs to fight deportation and repeal the attorney general’s sanctuary state directive, allowing New Jersey to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

“Stopping the issue in its entirety only requires a government committed to upholding law and order,” Kanitra said.

To download a copy of the report, click here.