DiMaio asks, “Who elected the BPU?”

DiMaio asks, “Who elected the BPU?”

Assembly GOP Leader John DiMaio

TRENTON, N.J. – Assembly Republican Leader John DiMaio said the state Board of Public Utilities overstepped its authority by passing a plan Wednesday to curb the use of gas appliances such as stoves and ranges.

“An unelected panel of five should not be reshaping how nine million residents live their daily lives,” said DiMaio. “So why does a board, which most people have never heard of, want to tell them how to cook their food and heat their homes. Consumers will get hit with higher energy costs to pay for government incentives.”

DiMaio noted that after a public backlash the state Senate delayed a vote in March on legislation that would have allowed the BPU to set standards.

“They needed legislative approval for a reason and I’m not sure they have the statutory authority to act on their own,” explained DiMaio. “What they are doing is outrageous and it’s flat out wrong.”

DiMaio pointed out that the state legislature is a body of 120 elected officials representing 40 legislative districts throughout the state, while the BPU is made up of only five commissioners.  Two commissioners who questioned Murphy’s plan were forced out and replaced earlier this year.

“The only reason for Murphy to bypass the Legislature altogether is because members of his own party are desperately trying to avoid taking a stand on his radical agenda,” concluded DiMaio. “Time is running short for him to complete his legacy before 2025, but legislative Democrats are rightly scared of getting booted from office in November.”