Wirths, Space say minimum wage bill signed by Gov ignores reality

Wirths, Space say minimum wage bill signed by Gov ignores reality

Harold J. Wirths

TRENTON, N.J. – Assemblymen Hal Wirths and Parker Space reiterated concerns about the impact of the minimum wage law signed today by Gov. Phil Murphy on the job market, mom-and-pop business, and local


“This is not the best bill the governor could sign, not even close,” said Wirths (R-Sussex). “While it ignores economic realities like the inevitability of a recession, it still isn’t enough to afford the high-cost state the Democrats’ tax-and-spend policies have created. There is no way small businesses will be able to handle the increased labor costs.  The people of this state and the state economy will suffer as Democrat leadership keeps us on a partisan, self-destructive economic path.”

“The signing of this bill is evidence that the governor and Democrat legislative leadership have no sense of reality on what small businesses can afford,” added Space (R-Sussex). “New Jersey doesn’t have an income problem, it has a cost-of-living and doing-business crisis.  People who would be doing well in other states struggle to make ends-meet in New Jersey.  The same day the minimum wage was passed there were multiple tax hikes passed.  The Democrats’ logic is backwards.”

Parker Space

Wirths and Space noted advocates representing school boards and local governments have stated the new law will lead to hikes in property taxes across the state.