Wirths’ bill encouraging NJ tourist brewery hopping now law

Wirths’ bill encouraging NJ tourist brewery hopping now law

Harold J. Wirths

TRENTON, N.J. – Assemblyman Hal Wirth’s bill seeking to give New Jersey’s craft breweries a tourism boost was signed into law today.

Gov. Phil Murphy signed A-1091/S-2056, which directs the state Division of Travel and Tourism to establish and market brewery trails in relation to other vacation destinations or tourist attractions.

“New Jersey has some of the best craft beer in the nation,” Wirths (R-Sussex) said. “Independently, the breweries are doing really well because of the high quality of the product. Giving them more exposure by creating beer trails will add to the good reputation while helping other businesses in the area.”

At least three breweries would be linked in a vacation itinerary that would identify nearby restaurants, lodging, arts and cultural attractions and more on an interactive website.

“I want to thank my Assembly and Senate colleagues for creating legislation to help our craft breweries and other businesses, and the governor for signing this legislation,” Wirths said. “Small business owners need all the help they can get.”

New Jersey has seen a 43% growth in its craft beer industry since 2015. The state tied with Kentucky for the most craft brewery growth in the nation.