Trump cites Kanitra report during Wildwood rally

Trump cites Kanitra report during Wildwood rally

TRENTON, N.J. –  Assemblyman Paul Kanitra’s bombshell report on the cost of illegal immigrants to New Jersey residents caught the attention of at least one presidential candidate.

At his campaign rally in Wildwood on Saturday, which packed a crowd of 100,000 people, former President Donald Trump shared some troubling statistics Kanitra uncovered on his recent trip to the Texas-Mexico border.



“They’re coming in illegally because the benefits in addition to other reasons. According to a new study, illegal immigration is already causing New Jersey residents $7.3 billion every single year. That’s $2,100 per household, more than any state anywhere in the country, and it stops the spending on bridges, roads, NJ Transit and all of those other things that we need,” Trump said.

While Trump put the blame squarely on the shoulders of rival Joe Biden, Kanitra said Democrat policies in New Jersey entice people from all over the globe to break laws and cash in. Among them, more than $8,000 in taxpayer funds for housing, medical care, education and legal services. Illegal immigrants also cost New Jersey residents $15 million a year they can fight their deportations.

“President Trump nailed it when he said we Americans have big hearts and want to help people, but that we can’t afford these Democrat policies that throw taxpayer money and benefits at illegal immigrants,” Kanitra (R-Ocean) said. “The United States and New Jersey governments need to uphold law and order and put United States and New Jersey legal residents, including those immigrants here legally, first.”

To that end, Kanitra is calling for an overhaul of federal, state and local statutes and programs that benefit illegal immigrants, including ending education subsidies, legal and medical assistance, helping to secure the now-porous southern border, and require the state to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Kanitra released his report and video May 7.