Thomson bill would require state to buy PPE from New Jersey companies

Thomson bill would require state to buy PPE from New Jersey companies

TRENTON, N.J. – Assemblyman Edward Thomson is sponsoring legislation that would require the state to purchase personal protective equipment from New Jersey manufacturers.

Thomson said requiring the state to purchase products like masks, gloves and other protective clothing would help stimulate New Jersey’s manufacturing sector and create and maintain jobs in the state.

“As we continue to purchase and stockpile PPE, we should take this opportunity to support manufacturers that are creating jobs and supporting our economy here in New Jersey,” said Thomson.  “With over 11,000 manufacturers in this state, we should secure this vital equipment here in New Jersey – not in other states or countries.”

Thomson’s legislation would require state contracts be awarded to bidders located in New Jersey.  Out-of-state companies could be considered if no New Jersey-based company bids.  In addition, the requirement does not apply during an emergency when supplies are needed immediately.

“While it may be necessary to use out-of-state vendors during an emergency, we should be supporting New Jersey companies who can make products that are as good as or better quality than those made in other locations,” said Thomson.  “Let’s keep our business here in New Jersey and support the job creators that are invested in our state and our communities.”