Thomson bill to allow home bakers to sell goods passes committee

Thomson bill to allow home bakers to sell goods passes committee

TRENTON, N.J. –Assemblyman Ned Thomson’s bill (A-4580) to establish requirements for the sale of home-baked goods passed an Assembly committee Monday.

The bill allows home bakers to sell baked goods from home, at farmer markets, farm stands, and festivals.

“Home bakers should have the same opportunity to profit from their craft as someone with a storefront,” said Thomson (R-Monmouth). “In today’s world people are finding so many different avenues to make a living, and we should allow them to do so. If someone chooses to work from home, they shouldn’t be limited in the type of work they can do.”

Under the bill, the home baker and anyone assisting them would be required to apply and obtain a food handler’s certificate issued by the Department of Health. Also, a specific list of home-baked goods that can or cannot be sold would be created, and periodically reviewed and revised by the department.

“We must make sure the food prepared by home bakers meet the same standard of excellence expected in other food products sold in New Jersey,” said Thomson. “By providing a list of acceptable foods and having every home baker obtain a food handler’s certificate we will ensure everyone involved will make food safety a top priority.”

A home baker’s kitchen would also be subject to inspection from their local board of health. The Department of Health would be required to develop a procedure to alert local boards when a person applies for certification. The cost of the certificate will be $300 and valid for one year.