Stop phoning in tax relief gimmicks, DiMaio says

Stop phoning in tax relief gimmicks, DiMaio says

Assembly GOP Leader John DiMaio

TRENTON, N.J. – Reminiscent of the impossibility of reaching a live human being at unemployment or motor vehicles during the pandemic, New Jersey residents now can’t get through to Gov. Phil Murphy’s new ANCHOR property tax savings hotline that supposedly went live this week.

Homeowners have complained of calling both the ANCHOR information hotline and program’s enrollment number, never able to get past a recorded message.

Assembly Republican Leader John DiMaio said the problem could have been avoided if the Democrat-led legislature and governor had implemented Republican-backed changes that tackle property taxes hikes and out-of-control government spending.

“We made repeated calls to the Democrats to drop the gimmicks and provide real, permanent tax relief to New Jersey families now, not next year,” DiMaio (R-Warren) said. “Instead, overtaxed residents can’t even apply to get their own money back without headaches.”

Murphy’s $2 billion ANCHOR program will send almost 2 million homeowners and renters rebates of $1,500 for households earning up to $150,000 and $1,000 for those earning up to $250,000 starting next May. Renters will receive checks for $450 to offset rent increases.

However, Assembly Republicans have demanded that legislative changes be made. Their bills, stonewalled by the Democrat-led legislature in June, included providing renters property tax deductions of 30%, ending sick-time payouts to government employees, restoring school aid cuts, and returning Energy Tax Receipts to municipalities in full to lower property tax levies.

“So we have the most bloated state budget in New Jersey history at $50.6 billion and Democrats still can’t get the phones to work,” DiMaio added. “Our solutions are conveniently phone-free.”