Simonsen and McClellan call out Murphy and AG over sanctuary state status with U.S. Attorney

Simonsen and McClellan call out Murphy and AG over sanctuary state status with U.S. Attorney

Erik Simonsen

TRENTON, N.J. – Assemblymen Erik Simonsen and Antwan McClellan slammed New Jersey’s sanctuary state policies and Gov. Phil Murphy’s politically-motivated agenda in a letter to U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito.

“We have grave concerns over the politically-motivated agenda disguised as policy,” said Simonsen (R-Cape May). “The current policies in place are misguided and only in place to further Murphy’s agenda. We need to put our citizens first because it’s our job to make sure they are safe. These policies have already lead to the brutal death and rape of Carolina Cano. It is a real-world consequence of Murphy’s misguided policies.”

Cano was allegedly murdered at the hands of twice-deported accused child rapist Luciano Dominguez-Trejo. The assemblymen believe the attorney general’s Immigrant Trust Directive is a danger to the citizens of New Jersey since it shields known offenders from prosecution and deportation.

Antwan McClellan

“The only thing you can trust when it comes to the Immigrant Trust Directive is that simply put, it’s bad policy,” said McClellan (R-Cape May). “We stress the dangers of this directive in our letter to the U.S. Attorney. We want his office to know this unconstitutional directive is tying the hands of law enforcement agencies and in turn, making their job harder. We also want them to know we stand and applaud places like Ocean County and Cape May County for not buckling and putting their hard-working citizens and hardworking legal immigrant families first. We stand with Cape May Sheriff Robert Nolan and we stand with the citizens of New Jersey.”

Sen. Michael Testa also raised his concerns with New Jersey’s current sanctuary state polices and how these policies are affecting law enforcements’ ability to do their job efficiently.

“Governor Murphy’s extreme sanctuary state policies have handcuffed New Jersey’s law enforcement agencies and set criminal aliens free,” said Sen. Michael Testa. “We’re thankful that the U.S. Department of Justice and federal immigration officials have stepped up to keep New Jerseyans safe.”