Republicans stand up for “extremist” parents in NJEA spoof commercial

Republicans stand up for “extremist” parents in NJEA spoof commercial

TRENTON, N.J. – In a parody ad released on YouTube Wednesday, the Assembly Republican Office in Trenton slams the state’s teachers’ union for its latest 15-second TV commercial calling outspoken parents “extremists.” The parody, “If the NJEA was honest in its commercials,” says the New Jersey Education Association has the radical agenda, not parents.

WATCH: If the NJEA was honest in its commercials

“Stop resisting our agenda and accept that you have no control over your children’s education. To all the radical extremist parents out there, back off. We are the NJEA,” reads the spoofed voice-over.

Rightfully concerned parents and conservatives have been pushing back against the state’s new sex education standards that require students in grades K-12 to learn about sodomy and gender identity. The NJEA used its commercial to accuse parents at school board meetings of being extremists and Republican-sponsored legislation protecting a parent’s right to be involved in age-appropriate education as anti-LGBTQ.

Assembly Republicans, including Assemblymen Christian Barranco, Sean Kean, Hal Wirths, Christopher DePhillips, Parker Space and Jay Webber, have pending legislation (A3763, A3883 and ACR21) that addresses parental rights and consent, grade-appropriate curriculum and revising the controversial learning standards.