Republicans propose budget savings of $1.6 billion

Republicans propose budget savings of $1.6 billion

TRENTON, N.J. – Assemblyman Hal Wirths outlined changes to Gov. Phil Murphy’s proposed budget in a letter sent Monday to Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin and Assembly Budget Committee Chairwoman Eliana Pintor Marin.

The changes will shrink the multibillion-dollar deficit by cutting approximately $500 million in spending and increasing revenue by approximately $1.12 billion, while raising funding for “our schools, our heroes without capes, and all of our hardworking constituents.” For every proposed funding increase, there is $3.20 in spending cuts.

Harold J. Wirths
The letter also proposes changing budget language to include the legislature in decisions on how to spend nearly $6.5 billion in federal aid, comprising a $6.24 billion grant and another $200 million grant to support water infrastructure and other capital projects.

“I am sending this letter to you in solemn hope of bipartisanship,” wrote Wirths (R-Sussex), the Assembly GOP budget officer. “Our mutual goal is the greatest possible financial stability for the state and residents. The current budget proposal represents a failure to meet that goal, spending multi-billion dollars more than is expected in natural revenue growth, and a surplus that is comprised of more than fifty percent debt from mistakenly borrowing $3.7 billion last year.”

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