Republican Leader rolls out 14-foot list of new taxes passed by Democrats in GOP web ad

Republican Leader rolls out 14-foot list of new taxes passed by Democrats in GOP web ad

TRENTON, N.J. – How many new taxes have been passed since the Democrats took control of the legislature? Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick rolls out a 14-foot list of 135 new taxes passed since 2002 in a GOP web ad posted this week.

WATCH: How many new taxes are there in NJ? HINT: The list is 14-feet long!

“Do you realize in the last two years, under the leadership of Governor Murphy and the Democrats, they raised state spending by 11 percent,” Bramnick said (R-Union). “Add that to the 135 new taxes. Is there any question why New Jersey is becoming totally unaffordable? ”

Since taping, Gov. Murphy signed the 136th tax hike – a $155 foreclosure filing fee that will be passed onto mortgage borrowers. The new taxes, which include those on clothing, carpeting, parking and the rain, total $10.9 billion.

“The only way we can make this state more affordable is to stop raising hundreds of taxes,” said Bramnick. “We as Republicans will not do that.”

In the video, Bramnick discusses Republican measures to create a more competitive New Jersey and correct the affordability crisis facing residents and businesses. They include limiting state spending to 2 percent (the cap for municipalities), reducing state income tax by 10 percent and allowing a full deduction of property taxes.

“The Republican Assembly is ready to pass some new laws,” said Bramnick. “Not new taxes, new laws.”

New Jersey currently has the most burdensome tax code according to the Tax Foundation and ranks third for the highest individual income tax rate in the country at 10.75 percent, just below Hawaii and California. New Jersey also has the highest property taxes in the nation and yet the Democrats have voted down the GOP’s attempts at eliminating the $10,000 cap.

“Let’s work together. Let’s make some changes so we can all stay and live in a state that we love – the state of New Jersey,” said Bramnick.