Peterson: State parks and forests should remain open

Peterson: State parks and forests should remain open

CLINTON, N.J. – Assemblyman Erik Peterson says Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order shuttering all state and county parks and forests to the public is misguided.

Erik Peterson
“The residents of Warren and Hunterdon counties are respecting the social distancing measures set by the state Department of Health,” said Peterson (R-Hunterdon). “This dictate is a misguided attempt to be tough that will punish people who choose to exercise their freedom of movement. Social distancing is easily practiced outdoors, and is not an imminent danger to public health.”

Murphy announced the closure of all state and county parks and forests indefinitely earlier today.

“First Murphy ordered that your family could not go to church or synagogue, then said you cannot celebrate Easter or Passover with your family, now he won’t let you go for a walk in the park,” continued Peterson. “People should not be punished walking in a park. Murphy was not elected dictator. There needs to be legislative oversight of these actions.”

Murphy has continued to warn New Jersey residents that police will strictly enforce his coronavirus crackdowns. State officials have promised to prosecute those who violate the orders.

“The parks and forests are a public health resource and should be treated as such and remain open to the public. This is a step too far,” concluded Peterson. “Enough of the fear mongering. It’s time to plan on how we beat the virus and get safely back to work and school.”