Peterson introduces resolution demanding Feds increase domestic energy production

Peterson introduces resolution demanding Feds increase domestic energy production

Erik Peterson

TRENTON, N.J. – Facing record-high gas prices in New Jersey on Tuesday, Assemblyman Erik Peterson introduced a resolution demanding that the President of the United States and Congress increase and open domestic energy production.

“Instead of coming up with a solution for our pain at the pumps, Governor Murphy told residents to ‘swallow hard and take it.’ It’s such a tone-deaf response to a real problem that can be solved by increasing domestic energy production,” Peterson (R-Hunterdon) said. “Constructing the Keystone XL Pipeline and removing regulatory barriers to domestic production will not only lower gas prices, but also support jobs and increase national security. Murphy should be echoing the call of the 25 other governors who are taking a stand for greater energy independence.”

On March 4, governors sent a letter urging President Biden to remove bans on new oil and gas development on federal lands, streamline energy permitting, incentivize energy production, and approve the construction of oil and natural gas pipelines like the Keystone XL.

“Gas prices today are up $1.38 per gallon compared to a year ago. They are the highest they have been since 2008 and New Jerseyans are trying to recover from the economically devastating Covid lockdowns,” Peterson said. “It’s time to put people before politics by supporting efforts that will increase domestic energy production.”

According to AAA, the current average gas price in New Jersey is $4.27, which is up more than 10 cents from yesterday and more than 61 cents over the week. Gas prices are anticipated to continue to rise as Russia escalates the war in Ukraine.