Peterson calls on Murphy to reopen gun stores

Peterson calls on Murphy to reopen gun stores

Erik Peterson

TRENTON, N.J. – Assemblyman Erik Peterson today called upon Gov. Phil Murphy to reopen the state’s gun stores – closed by executive order – to permit law-abiding residents to protect their homes and families and exercise their Second Amendment constitutional rights.

“The governor’s decision to close gun stores is both unwise and unconstitutional and should be reversed immediately,” said Peterson (R-Hunterdon). “These assaults on our rights and on this small business community will serve no other purpose than to decimate these business owners and to virtue signal to anti-gun activists. New Jersey needs to come together to eradicate coronavirus, not gun shops. Every right guaranteed to citizens under the U.S. Constitution should always be protected, especially in times of emergency.”

Murphy’s executive order Saturday closed the state’s gun stores as non-essential to life in the Garden State.  Meanwhile, just across the border in Pennsylvania, Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf relented in the face of opposition and allowed gun stores to stay open after initially closing them. Illinois Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker has also classified firearm and ammunition suppliers and retailers as essential, noting that they serve the purposes of safety and security.

Peterson noted that as Pennsylvanians are allowed to protect themselves and their constitutional rights, New Jerseyans should have the exact same protections. Our Second Amendment rights should be exempt from executive orders, in the same fashion that political and religious gatherings are exempted.

“Governor Murphy could learn a lesson from his fellow Democrat Governors and allow guns stores to reopen.  If he does not, I’m sure this edict will be challenged in court and the Murphy Administration will lose as it should,” concluded Peterson.