Munoz calls on Murphy to release vetting documents on Corbett tax break

Munoz calls on Murphy to release vetting documents on Corbett tax break

Nancy F. Munoz

TRENTON, N.J. – Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz is calling on the Murphy administration to release NJ Transit President Kevin Corbett’s vetting documents.

Corbett is under fire for receiving a sizeable tax break from Mendham Township because he raises sheep on 5.5 acres of his 6.24 acre home under New Jersey’s Farmland Assessment Act.

An NJ Transit spokesman told NJ Globe on Monday that Corbett’s farm tax status was fully vetted at the time of his appointment, but refused to answer questions about his sheep farm.

“It’s time they step up and actually fix problems instead of attempting to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes,” said Munoz (R-Union). “Murphy and Corbett owe the truth to taxpayers and every rider stuck on a train or bus why fixing the problem isn’t getting undivided attention.”

Munoz pointed out that commuters continue to suffer from canceled trains and unreliable service. Corbett took more than 250 days to complete an audit that Murphy had promised within 100 days. A year later, trains are still late and overcrowded, if they even run at all.

“Murphy and Corbett continue to fail riders,” said Munoz. “We are the second-busiest commuter rail network in the nation, and have gotten worse at providing service.”

The NJ Transit board of directors hired Corbett to head the agency on Feb. 19, 2018, just 20 days after Murphy nominated him. He makes $280,000 a year, nearly $20,000 more than his predecessor did.