Munoz blasts efforts to restrict public access to Statehouse

Munoz blasts efforts to restrict public access to Statehouse

Nancy F. Munoz

TRENTON, N.J. – Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz is fighting back against an effort by the Murphy administration and Senate and Assembly Democrats to restrict public access to the New Jersey Statehouse for legislative hearings.

“I object to any policy that further divides us and inhibits fair, equal and unobstructed access to the Statehouse,” said Munoz (R-Union). “Creating barriers is an insult to democracy.”

The new mandate approved Tuesday by an obscure Statehouse commission requires anyone wishing to enter the legislative portions of the state capitol complex to show proof of vaccination or negative results of a Covid test within the previous 72 hours.

“People have the right to have their voices heard at the time and in the actual place decisions are made by those elected to serve them,” Munoz continued. “The legislative process depends on the full participation of any resident.”

The commission is composed of eight members, four appointed by the Murphy administration, and the executive directors of the Senate and Assembly caucuses of both parties. The measure passed 5-2 along party lines.

“It is the people’s house, and unelected commissioners should not ignore legitimate concerns raised by Senate and Assembly Republicans standing up for the rights of people regardless of their politics, beliefs or positions,” concluded Munoz.