More Dept. of Labor deficiencies revealed by GOP lawmaker

More Dept. of Labor deficiencies revealed by GOP lawmaker

Assemblyman Brian Bergen

TRENTON, N.J. – Following the Senate’s collective disgust at the N.J. Department of Labor’s unemployment failings on Thursday, Assemblyman Brian Bergen revealed another department deficiency – its inability to release a timely jobs report each month.

“The incompetence and lack of communication from the state Department of Labor is mystifying,” said Bergen (R-Morris). “There is no discernable reason why employment data hasn’t been released. The jaded logic is that Governor Murphy is delaying disappointing data until after his budget address to spin the story.”

Today’s national employment report was the second since New Jersey’s last employment report. New Jersey has had consistent job gains, though the unemployment rate has remained among the worst in the nation. Labor force participation continues to be a significant underlying problem. The 65.1% rate in July 2020 was the highest since May 2013. The current participation rate was 62.9%, the latest data available.

“Maybe if he opened up state unemployment offices Governor Murphy would have a better understanding of how people are still reeling from his all-around ineffective policies,” said Bergen.