Legislature passes tax on people who park in state’s largest cities

Legislature passes tax on people who park in state’s largest cities

TRENTON, N.J. – New Jersey’s six largest cities may be allowed to charge people a 3.5 percent tax for parking within their borders.  The state Assembly took the first step today, but not quietly as Republicans stood against the additional tax hike.  This is the eighth tax passed by the state Assembly since Speaker Craig Coughlin joined Senate President Steve Sweeney in a pledge of no new taxes.

Assembly GOP Leader Jon Bramnick posed questions to the sponsor of the bill about the need for the tax, asking what the process was to determine if there were other sources of income that could be used instead of levying an extra tax on people who just want to park their car.


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Assemblyman Anthony M. Bucco pointed to a poll released the same day that found the quality of life in New Jersey is at a record low according to the people who live here. They cannot afford the constant onslaught of tax increases.


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Assemblyman Hal Wirths voiced his opposition yet again to more tax hikes, saying that when it rains it pours in New Jersey. Constantly standing against taxes may sound like a broken record, but the Democrats keep scratching the disc with their tax hikes.


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