DiMaso: Legislature needs to stop constant MVC Covid closures

DiMaso: Legislature needs to stop constant MVC Covid closures

Serena DiMaso

TRENTON, N.J. – Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso introduced a bill this week preventing extensive Covid-related closures at Motor Vehicle Commission agencies and reducing disruptions to in-person services.

“In the wake of yet another ridiculous and unnecessary two-week MVC facility closure, it is clear that we need legislation to address the incompetent administration failing New Jersey drivers,” said DiMaso (R-Monmouth).

DiMaso’s bill (A5637) is the Assembly counterpart to Sen. Anthony Bucco’s bill (S3717) that requires the chief administrator of the MVC to take all measures necessary to prevent the temporary closure of an agency during the public health emergency.

At least one of the 39 MVC agencies has been closed every day since September 28. Every agency has closed at least once since the MVC reopened in July after a four-month coronavirus shutdown.

“We’re hearing that employees who have been vaccinated are still quarantining for two weeks after someone at the agency tests positive. This is in direct contradiction to the CDC’s advice for vaccinated residents,” said DiMaso. “These nonsensical policies and practices are unduly burdening New Jersey drivers.”

Under DiMaso’s legislation, the MVC is required to provide reasonable alternatives to customers, like mobile units or appointments at nearby agencies, if a temporary closure is unavoidable.

“No resident should have to tolerate being incessantly inconvenienced. Drivers are waiting months for an appointment and risking fines and impoundment. I am calling on my colleagues from across the aisle to immediately move my bill,” she said.