DiMaio: Jobs sacrificed as a result of Democrats’ progressive policies

DiMaio: Jobs sacrificed as a result of Democrats’ progressive policies

John DiMaio

TRENTON, N.J. – February was a dismal month for New Jersey’s workers. The monthly jobs report shows that 9,300 private-sector workers lost their jobs statewide.

Assemblyman John DiMaio says that the corporate surcharge, multi-millionaires tax, paid sick and family leave, and anticipation of the minimum wage are the reasons for the drop in employment.

“Business owners were not joking when they said that the state is hammering extra nails in their coffin,” exclaimed DiMaio, the Republican budget officer. “They see the train coming down the track, and they know they’re getting hit. Progressive policies are not worth thousands of people losing their jobs.”

New Jersey’s job growth has deteriorated since Gov. Phil Murphy took office in January 2018. Meanwhile the national economy was achieving growth many thought wasn’t possible.

Jobs increased by 1.8 percent nationally in 2018, but jobs here expanded barely half the rate at 0.95 percent – the slowest rate of growth since 2011. From then until last year, average job growth was over 1.1 percent.

“Every year this state is ranked the worst to own a business. Making it even more expensive doesn’t help. Many business owners aren’t making much more than their employees at the end of the day,” DiMaio said. “Nothing is free, and as long as that is ignored Democrats will have to learn it the hard way.”