DiMaio calls for privately-owned campgrounds to reopen

DiMaio calls for privately-owned campgrounds to reopen

TRENTON, N.J. – It’s been more than two weeks since Gov. Phil Murphy reopened state parks, unfortunately, campgrounds have remained closed to stir-crazy New Jerseyans anxious to get away from their home offices for a couple of days.

Assemblyman Jon DiMaio has stressed the need for private campgrounds to resume business while following proper safety guidelines.

“We must allow campgrounds to reopen as soon as possible,” stated DiMaio (R-Warren). “If beaches, golf courses, and parks can operate with safety measures in place, it’s only right to allow campgrounds to do the same, so long as the campground owners are instituting proper social distancing and safety procedures.”

This change is similar to the policies announced this week in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia and Maine.

The New Jersey Campground Owners and Outdoor Lodging Association has developed a plan of action for camping grounds to reopen in the safest way possible. The plan includes social distancing, providing personal protective equipment for workers, and urging guests use face masks until the order is lifted.  The plan also includes keeping any recreation facilities, such as fitness centers and playgrounds, closed, having guests use online or telephone check-ins, and regularly disinfecting facilities to protect campers and staff.

“I commend the NJCOA for working tirelessly to create a safe plan of action,” said DiMaio.  “They understand the importance of safety and their impact on the state’s tourism industry.”

The Murphy administration said Tuesday that campgrounds were not yet open after some lawmakers made announcements for the reopening of recreational campgrounds, effective immediately.

New Jersey has 96 privately-owned campgrounds hosting roughly 24,000 campsites, accounting for almost $144 million in tourism revenue and 5,000 jobs.