DePhillips: Driving is a privilege not a right

DePhillips: Driving is a privilege not a right

Christopher P. DePhillips

TRENTON, N.J. – Assemblyman Christopher DePhillips slammed Democrats for fast-tracking legislation (A4743) that would allow illegal immigrants the ability to obtain driver’s licenses and identification through the Motor Vehicle Commission. 

“The Democrats are devaluing American citizenship by allowing those who broke the law to live in New Jersey to have the ability to drive on our roads,” said DePhillips. “It is a privilege to drive, not a right. You obtain that privilege if you are a resident who obeys the laws. Illegal immigrants have already broken the law without even getting behind the wheel.”

The bill creates two categories of driver’s licenses and identification cards – one for citizens and one for residents unable to prove lawful presence in United States.

“The Democrats are rewarding immigrants who have broken the law when they could have entered this country legally and earned the ability to drive like everyone else,” continued DePhillips. “Why should we create a special class of licenses for those who can’t prove who they are? It opens the door to fraud and undermines the rules that the rest of us live by.”

A Senate committee plans to hold a hearing on the bill on Thursday and lawmakers anticipate to schedule a vote by the full legislature on Dec. 16.