Dancer’s wildlife control measure approved by Governor

Dancer’s wildlife control measure approved by Governor

Ron Dancer

TRENTON, N.J. – The right of farmers to use noise-making air cannons to protect their fields from wildlife damage with noise-making air cannons is assured by legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Ron Dancer and signed into law by Gov. Phil Murphy this week.

“Crop damage from wildlife costs farmers millions of dollars every year,” said Dancer (R-Ocean). “Damage from deer alone is estimated between $5 and $10 million. Corn fields are especially susceptible to flocks of ravenous birds. For years, farmers have used harmless noise cannons to drive off wildlife. The practice has come under fire in other states, and this new law is a safeguard for farmers in the Garden State.”

The cannons, powered by propane, produce loud shot-like sounds. They effectively scatter wildlife without any physical harm.

“The financial loss from birds, deer and even bears can threaten the stability of small family farms in our state,” Dancer said. “These non-lethal devises are harmless to the environment. Without them, more farmers will inevitably give up and sell their land.”

State law permits farmers to use noise making devices to scare away wildlife to prevent crop damage.  Dancer’s bill (A2732) codifies the right to use non-lethal, propane-powered cannons.