Dancer, Clifton announce state funding of $3.1 million in local road projects

Dancer, Clifton announce state funding of $3.1 million in local road projects

Ron Dancer

CREAM RIDGE, N.J. – Assemblymen Ron Dancer and Rob Clifton today announced 13 municipalities in the 12th Legislative District will receive more than $3.1 million from the state Transportation Department for roadway preservation.

“The roads have taken a beating from another unpredictable New Jersey winter,” said Dancer (R-Ocean). “This is welcome news. The badly needed state investment will help maintain the roadways without burdening local property taxpayers with another costly expense.”

The grants are funded by the Transportation Trust Fund and distributed through DOT’s municipal aid program. The department received 681 applications requesting more than $377.9 million, more than twice the money available.

“Local commuters and families will benefit from these important roadway projects,” said Clifton (R-Monmouth). “The improvements will increase safety, patch pot holes, enhance drainage, and pave roadways traveled daily by people in our district.”

The funding includes $375,000 for the third phase of improvements Brewers Bridge Road in Jackson Township, $350,750 for improvements to Loveman Road in Plumsted, and $341,510 to resurface Morganville Road in Old Bridge.

For details of the grants and projects, see the graph below.

Legislative District 12

Legislative District County Municipality Name of Project Total
12 Burlington Chesterfield Township Sykesville Road Improvements $250,000.00
12 Burlington New Hanover Township Bunting Bridge Road Improvements Phase III $198,403.00
12 Burlington North Hanover Township Springfield Road Improvements $73,990.00
12 Middlesex Old Bridge Township OBT: Morganville Road Resurfacing $341,510.00
12 Monmouth Allentown Borough Improvements to Pondview Drive $225,000.00
12 Monmouth Englishtown Borough Hamilton Street Reconstruction $150,000.00
12 Monmouth Manalapan Township Resurfacing of Gordons Corner Road – FY2019 $225,000.00
12 Monmouth Matawan Borough Overhill Road Improvements $260,000.00
12 Monmouth Millstone Township Improvements to Disbrow Hill Road $225,000.00
12 Monmouth Roosevelt Borough Improvements to Farm Lane $240,000.00
12 Monmouth Upper Freehold Township Jonathan Holmes Road (Phase II) $225,000.00
12 Ocean Jackson Township Improvements to Brewers Bridge Road, Phase III $375,000.00
12 Ocean Plumsted Township Roadway Improvements to Loveman Road $350,750.00