Dancer bill will help veterans get and keep New Jersey licensed jobs

Dancer bill will help veterans get and keep New Jersey licensed jobs

Ron Dancer

TRENTON, N.J. – Assemblyman Ron Dancer wants veterans with out-of-state professional or occupational licenses to have an easier time obtaining a license in New Jersey.

The Assembly Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committee on Monday released Dancer’s bill (A315) that would require professional and occupational boards to issue licenses to honorably discharged Armed Forces members who have out-of-jurisdiction licenses, certificates or certifications.

“I’m proud to sponsor legislation that eases any burdens on our men and women who served in uniform, including seeking employment after they are discharged,” Dancer (R-Ocean) said. “Veterans coming back to, or choosing to settle in, New Jersey should have an easy process to obtain a state license to work in their chosen trade or profession.”

Currently, under the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, 51 professional and occupational boards oversee more than 750,000 licensed individuals and businesses in the state. Each board or committee has its own licensing process. That process may include submitting an application, providing transcripts, submitting to a criminal background check, and taking oral and written examinations.

Dancer’s bill would streamline that process for veterans. Those boards would be required to issue licenses to any veteran who received a license for the same trade or profession and equivalent training, education or experience during or after their time in the military.

Applicants must show they were honorably discharged from the military. Their out-of-state licenses must be in good standing and in compliance with all other board requirements. Those boards would have to develop methods for determining training, education, or experience equivalency.

“Many licenses are not transferable because each state has its own standards for different professions,” Dancer added. “Veterans who served their country faithfully should not encounter those barriers.”