Dancer bill seeks NJ’s fair share of federal jobs

Dancer bill seeks NJ’s fair share of federal jobs

Ron Dancer

TRENTON, N.J. – It has been acknowledged for years that the federal government takes more taxes and fees from New Jersey than it returns in federal jobs, programs and infrastructure improvements. Recently published economic and census data indicates the federal government extracted approximately $21 billion from our state in 2018. This is significant considering the total state budget for this year is $38 billion.  What is most disturbing however is that most other states have all of their federal monies returned plus additional funds for permanent federal jobs and infrastructure improvements.

The money pulled from our state economy last year could have funded more than 140,000 federal jobs in New Jersey, each with total salary and benefits of $150,000 per year. Reversing this federal income disparity would have significant impact on the state, allowing leadership to address current challenges including funding pensions and education, reversing the outflow of our youth to other states, and providing new revenue for reductions in property and business taxes.

Assemblyman Ron Dancer has a plan to help the state address this disparity with Washington and recently introduced legislation (A5567) establishing an office to promote federal investment and job creation in the Garden State.

“We get the short end of the stick with our taxes, and we get the short end of the stick with federal jobs,” said Dancer (R-Ocean). “New Jersey is the perfect place for the government to hire top talent. We deserve better, and this bill can help put us on the right track.”

The bill establishes an office in the state treasury department to advocate for permanent federal jobs, and acquire and expand civilian military missions in research, development and testing.

“New Jersey has a highly educated and trained workforce, is ideally located between Washington and New York, has access to air, rail and ground transportation and is a premier location to raise a family. Washington can help bolster our economy by correcting the funding imbalance and bringing more good-paying career opportunities to the state.”

An administrator appointed by the governor will oversee the office’s operation with assistance from the Economic Development Authority and in coordination with the Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs.