Dancer bill puts new stamp on notary process

Dancer bill puts new stamp on notary process

TRENTON, N.J. – Technology has disrupted the landscape and business today is conducted by computer, but the important role of notaries public authenticating signatures and preventing fraud is still done the old fashion way – in person and on paper.

Ron Dancer

Legislation (A4860) advanced today by the Assembly Regulated Professions Committee and sponsored by Assemblyman Ron Dancer brings notaries into the 21st century, creating an electronic notarization process.

“Allowing notaries to sign and seal documents remotely increases efficiency and reduces cost for business and individuals,” said Dancer (R-Ocean). “We can modernize the process without sacrificing any protection. In fact, the bill will improve security and deter identify fraud.”

Dancer noted that 18 states already allow electronic notaries, including Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina.