Dancer and Clifton announce increased funding for Ocean, Monmouth County schools

Dancer and Clifton announce increased funding for Ocean, Monmouth County schools

Ron Dancer

TRENTON, N.J. – The N.J. Department of Education is slated to release more than $11.5 million in aid to four school districts in Ocean and Monmouth counties, Assemblymen Ron Dancer and Rob Clifton announced Thursday.

The lawmakers, who were outspoken critics of Gov. Phil Murphy’s plan to cut millions in state aid to schools in the region, praised the news while renewing calls for a more equitable funding solution moving forward.

“This is a huge relief for our schools that faced insurmountable budget gaps following a year of unprecedented challenges,” Dancer (R-Ocean) said. “When the same districts face cuts year after year, it is evident that our schoolchildren deserve a more sensible, equitable and reliable funding solution that will support their needs. Better investments in our schools will benefit educators, parents, taxpayers, and most importantly, children.”

To help schools adjust to new funding levels as determined by the school funding measure enacted in 2018, the Legislature included $50 million in stabilization aid in this fiscal year’s budget. Additionally, Education Rescue Grants were made available to any district that needed to rehire or retrain teaching staff following a reduction in teaching staff in the 2021-2022 school year.

Rob Clifton

“Our steadfast school leaders, public officials, concerned community members and attentive parents deserve a lot of credit for their persistence in winning this fight for funding,” Clifton (R-Monmouth) said. “Election-year politics should never get in the way of educating our children or funding our schools. We must come together to enable children to meet their full academic potential.”

Freehold Regional, Upper Freehold Regional, Jackson Township and Plumsted Township school districts will receive more than $10.8 million in stabilization aid. Jackson and Plumsted also secured Education Rescue Grants totaling $783,212.