CPAC honors LD10 legislators for conservative voting records

CPAC honors LD10 legislators for conservative voting records

TRENTON, N.J. – Assemblymen Greg McGuckin and John Catalano were recently recognized by the American Conservative Union Foundation’s Conservative Political Action Conference for their conservative voting records.

In 1964, the nonprofit ACUF was founded as a conservative grassroots organization and has grown into the largest worldwide group of its kind. Since 1971, to promote conservative government leaders, the Foundation has been grading elected officials’ voting records. Both McGuckin and Catalano have ranked among the most conservative legislators in New Jersey, with lifetime averages of more than 90%. Only six sitting Assembly members have scores of 85% or better.

“Conservative values and policies are the keys to prosperous, stable communities for everyone. We believe in them, and we vote them,” McGuckin (R-Ocean) said. “John and I are honored to receive such a recognition for our work from such a prestigious organization as CPAC.”

CPAC held the awards ceremony Feb. 26 in Orlando, Fla. While neither assemblyman was able to attend in person, Catalano sent along a video recording of thanks.

“People are waking up to the empty promises the left simply cannot deliver upon. The time is now for conservatives to speak up at school boards, at town meetings, with their wallets when consuming media, and say, ‘We have a better way,’” Catalano (R-Ocean) said. “Greg and I are proud to be recognized by CPAC for our part in fighting for conservative ideas, fighting for freedom really, in Trenton.”