Country to Murphy: “We couldn’t frankly care”?

Country to Murphy: “We couldn’t frankly care”?

Jay Webber

PARSIPPANY, N.J. – With Gov. Phil Murphy scheduled to be in Washington today, Assemblyman Jay Webber issued this statement:

“As Governor Murphy heads to Washington hat-in-hand to plead for help today, he had better hope that the representatives of the rest of the country don’t simply repeat these arrogant words that Governor Murphy himself uttered to his 9 million constituents yesterday.”

Webber made reference to Murphy’s statement Wednesday that criticism and calls from citizens and lawmakers did not impact his decision to open state and county parks.

“Many of you have come my way, your interventions to me did not matter one little bit,” Murphy said. “With all due respect to all the pressure that’s been out there, we couldn’t frankly care.”

Webber was the first public official to call on Gov. Phil Murphy to rescind his executive order to close state parks and started an online petition to reverse the order, which garnered more than 13,000 signatures.