Bergen drumming up support to aid New Jersey economy

Bergen drumming up support to aid New Jersey economy

Brian Bergen

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J. – Assemblyman Brian Bergen advocated for far stronger assistance to small and mid-sized businesses on the Dom Giordano program this morning. He called for more robust relief to ensure small business owners can maintain employment.

“There are two simultaneous objectives that we have to have,” said Bergen (R-Morris). “We have to attack the health crisis, clearly, but at the same time, in lock step, we need to attack the economic crisis being caused by the steps to combat the health crisis. And we seem to be lagging very far behind on dealing with the economic issues.”

Bergen wrote an op-ed for the Star-Ledger detailing his efforts and plans to help businesses facing hardship during the Coronavirus pandemic, and echoed his intent to help everyone that needs it. He has been in contact with the governor and EDA over the last several days, and opened up his district office to help with anything small-businesses need.

Bergen was specific about measures that can be taken to blunt the economic fallout from COVID-19 restrictions:

“This isn’t an academic exercise. Small businesses need cash. They don’t need loans that they have to pay back down the road. They don’t need grant programs that put a very small amount of money in their pocket that can make one payroll. They need massive cash injections and we are really missing the boat on that.”

You can listen to Bergen on the Dom Giordano Program here: