Assembly encourages replacing aging gas pipelines

Assembly encourages replacing aging gas pipelines

TRENTON, N.J. – Lawmakers acknowledged the state’s urgent need to replace more than 6,000 miles of aging iron and unprotected steel pipelines that crisscross our state.

Ron Dancer

The N.J. Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee unanimously approved a resolution (AR107) Thursday affirming the importance of modernizing and replacing natural gas pipelines in the state.

“Older pipes need replacing,” said Assemblyman Ron Dancer, the sponsor of the resolution.  “More than 70,000 miles of pipelines cross the state and some of it is more than 100 years old. It really is time that we get everything modernized.”

Dancer noted the state should take advantage of historically low gas prices and use the savings to invest in the state’s natural gas infrastructure.

“We can make this investment now without socking ratepayers in their wallets,” said Dancer. “Modernizing antiquated pipelines will also result in economic growth with the creation of construction jobs.”

The state’s largest utility, PSE&G, reported last year that it has replaced about 42 percent of its old cast iron pipes which is essential to ensuring public safety and the reliability of natural gas infrastructure in New Jersey.

NJ Natural Gas was the first utility in the state to eliminate all of its cast iron pipes in 2015.

South Jersey Gas has accelerated pipeline replacement since 2006 and Elizabethtown Gas since 2009.