A year into pandemic, lawmaker proposes coronavirus Memorial Day

A year into pandemic, lawmaker proposes coronavirus Memorial Day

Christopher P. DePhillips

TRENTON, N.J. – Assemblyman Christopher DePhillips is pushing to designate a state day of remembrance for victims and survivors of the coronavirus on March 10, the day of the first recorded death in New Jersey.

According to the resolution, the day is meant to mark the many lives lost to COVID in New Jersey and nationally, and acknowledge the ongoing grieving and widespread loss felt throughout the pandemic.

“It is an extraordinary loss of life by any measure,” said DePhillips (R-Bergen). “The people of our state have lost fewer lives to war. The men and women who lost their lives in service to our country deserve recognition, and those who have passed too soon because of this once in a lifetime pandemic should be remembered too.”

The state of 9 million people has reportedly lost 23,635 lives from complications related to Covid-19, including 21,238 confirmed deaths and 2,397 fatalities considered probable.

By comparison, 12,565 New Jersey service members died in four years in World War II, 1,487 as a result of the Vietnam War, and 750 as a result of 9/11.

“We rightfully honor the essential workers who have saved so many lives. We also need to honor the lives that have been lost,” DePhillips concluded.

On March 9 of every year, New Jersey will honor essential workers as “Covid-19 Heroes Day.”

Assemblyman Christopher Tully is cosponsoring the joint resolution.